Jr. High/High School Camps


March 10-11, 2023 (6th-12th Grade)

Cost: $40.00

Dean: Zach Dorrel

This is a jam-packed weekend event for 6th-12th graders. Doors open Friday night at 6:00 pm, and the fun begins at 7 pm. Until 8:00 pm on Saturday night, campers will be playing games, meeting new friends, hearing lessons, singing praise songs, and so much more! Dinner will be served Friday night, along with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday. We will be dividing the boys and the girls up into their own separate lodges for the night. Weather permitting, we will be spending some time outside, so dress for the weather!

ELEVATE (Jr. High Main)

June 25-30, 2023 (6th-8th Grade)

Cost: $355.00

Dean: John and Marissa Foss

Campers, between 6th-8th grade, are stepping up to Elevate. This week we are moving and rising to a higher place, position, state; intellectually and spiritually. We are getting loud! We have embarked on our mission, and now it is time to step up. Here at Elevate, you will encounter situations that challenge and push you to new levels. You’ll find life-changing experiences during a week of Elevate. Just as all main camps, Elevate campers and faculty will find themselves sleeping in cabins overnight that are close to the bathhouse and dining hall. A day at Elevate includes worship with a band, speakers who will ignite a flame in you, small family group times, swimming, zipline, canteen, campfires, and so much more!

EDGE (High School Main)

June 18-24, 2023 (9th-Just Graduated)

Cost: $375.00

Dean: Aaron Sweeney and Ann Schipper

High School students, 9th-Just Graduated, are going to the Edge. These students will be the difference in the lives of others. Campers, during their week of Edge, will be going out into the surrounding communities where they will be serving others. This is a week of stepping up to be the leaders and servants that each of us is called to be; Eagerly Dispersing God’s love Everywhere. The service projects will vary, but each one can have an effect on a life. That life could be yours. Edge campers and faculty will sleep overnight in cabins that are near the bathhouse and dining hall. Along with the service projects, campers at Edge will partake in worship with a band, classes, intense speakers, small group discussions, swimming, zipline, paintball, canteen, campfires, and so much more. Are you ready to go to the EDGE?


June 25-30, 2023 (7th-10th Grade)

Cost: $330.00

Dean: Jim Hawkes

This may be the most unusual week of church camp your camper can attend! We will teach them critical thinking skills for life by teaching them survival skills in various ways such as: woods – shelter building, fire starting, the edible forest around them, water purification, how to improvise cordage, handy knots, orienteering, and edged tools – all tied to biblical lessons for life. Campers may be trained towards their certification in First Aid and CPR. The practical discipleship impact of this week will lead them in a positive direction for years to come.


July 2-7, 2023 (7th-Just Graduated)

Cost: $340.00 (plus kit and paintballs if needed)

Dean: John Thompson

This is an action-packed week of fun offered to boys from 7th-Just Graduated High School. Each day is split between time at the paintball field and enjoying camp life. Campers can learn the basics or perfect their skills while having tons of fun. Rental gear is available for $50, or you can bring your own. Each camper is required to bring 3,000 to 4,000 paintballs which are also available for purchase at the camp for $28/1,000. Please contact the camp office for equipment specifications. (No NO2 tanks) This is a boys-only camp and is limited to 24 campers.


June 18-24, 2023 (5th-8th Grade)

Cost: $495.00

Dean: TBD

These camps are designed with the horse lover in mind. Each day is split between time at the stables and enjoying life at the main camp. At the stables, campers will learn to ride and groom their horse. At the main camp, campers will enjoy the pool, singing, studying their Bible, and other activities. Junior Equestrian, grades 5th-8th, is open to girls only and is limited to 18 campers.