Camp Rules/Safety

Camper Safety

  • RRCC carefully recruits and does an extensive background check on all camp staff, deans, faculty, speakers, bands, and any other adult that has contact with the campers. We have your kid’s safety and well-being as our top priority because we know your kids are one of your greatest treasures.
  • A Trained Medical Personnel will be on duty every week to dispense
    medication, administer first aid and determine if additional attention is needed.
  • American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard(s) supervises the camp pool at all open times.
  • Certified facilitators supervise the Zip Line/High Ropes Course to ensure participants’ safety.
  • Most staff at Rock River Christian Camp are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Camp Rules

  1. All campers must abide by the schedule unless excused by the Camp Dean.
  2. No one is permitted to leave the camp without permission from the Camp Dean and the Camp Manager.
  3. The use of tobacco, intoxicants, and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at Rock River Christian Camp.
  4. All clothing must be modest and appropriate. The following are not allowed: swim briefs for boys and two-piece or low-cut swimsuits for girls (rash guards and tankinis are accepted if they fully cover the tummy area). Clothing with holes in inappropriate places, spaghetti straps, clothing with words or illustrations associated with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, offensive language (according to the Camp Doctrinal Statements and Camp Manager), sexual innuendos, or secular rock bands. Cut-off shirts are allowed if a tank top is worn underneath. Clothing must cover all undergarments. Shorts, skirts, and swim trunks must be midway down the leg. Short shorts are not allowed. If any clothing items are in question, please do not bring them to camp.
  5. Outside of changing in your cabin or bathhouse, regular clothing (according to rule #4), shirts, shorts, or pants, along with shoes or sandals, must be worn at all times outside of the pool, slip N slide, or water activities that faculty approves swimwear to be worn during. Shoes may be removed while playing on the sand volleyball court.
  6. Cabin raiding is not permitted.
  7. Any camper causing property damage will be responsible for the repair/replacement cost.
  8. All cars are to be parked in specified areas. Vehicles are not to be used within the camp area. No tampering or practical jokes are permitted with any vehicle.
  9. The following are NOT allowed at camp: cell phones, pets, weapons, knives, fireworks, CD players, mp3 players (iPod), laptops, tablets, or any other electronic device.

Ways to Get Sent Home

1. If any camper is caught after the first evening of camp with any electronics including a cell phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, etc., or found with drugs, weapons, or medicine.

2. If any campers are caught practicing sexual contact of any kind.

3.* If any campers are practicing public displays of affection (i.e. hand-holding, kissing, hugging, etc.).

4.* If any camper is continuously disrespectful to their peers, faculty, or God.

**Numbers 3 and 4 will receive two warnings, if they receive a third, then they will be sent home. There are no second chances for numbers 1 and 2.

Camp Manager holds authority and makes the final decisions in all instances.